Waste management

We approach waste management with regard to the economic and environmental background. All activities undertaken in this area are performed in compliance with the applicable Czech and European legislation. Our company is able to carry out the following activities as a complete delivery, including project documentation, statements of state and public administration or with their direct cooperation:

Land reclamation and improvement through a complete change of the locality character by performing park and orchard modifications or through transformation into sports facilities or leisure centres.

Completion and restoration of badly performed reclamations, land redevelopment and illegal dumping

Assessment of existing landfills or unfinished reclamations and determination of the best procedure for completion or removal

Determination of the type and nature of any hazardous waste, and determination of the method of its disposal and its implementation, where appropriate

Preparation of an area for expansion of existing landfills including PD

Valuation of stored waste and its reclassification including transportation, where applicable

Operation of inert waste landfills, including expansion of those already existing