UNI-PRAG a.s. is a company with a long history and extensive experience in the field of business activities and investment in many sectors. The joint-stock company was founded in 1996 as an association of legal entities and natural persons with professional experience gained during years of their professional and business activities.

In cooperation with many experts in associated or independent companies, the company offers its clients comprehensive services in the area of investment, real estate, property management, consulting and advisory services. It provides full professional legal services and carries out construction and removal of buildings and engages in waste management.

The company places emphasis on an individual approach, efficiency and strict compliance with ethical principles.

It takes into account the specifics of individual business sectors and it adapts its services to current issues in the given sector or company.

It provides its clients with maximum legal and information security, which is the basis of a long‑term partner relationship, creating new business relationships and considerable business benefits.

Our staff members are the guarantors of stability, reliability and professionalism.

The high levels of services offered by us are used by both the public and private sector. We are a partner not only for multinational corporations, embassies and municipalities but also for individual investors, buyers and tenants of residential units.

UNI-PRAG a.s. has successfully finalized a large number of projects and investment projects, and has successfully completed several hundred real estate business transactions and it is deservedly one of the major companies in the Czech market. It can demonstrate its expertise through a number of individual references.